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Trucking Accidents

With today’s crowded roadways, the number of traffic fatalities and major accidents involving trucks has continued to increase each year.
Trucking collisions can leave devastating injuries. The preparation of a trucking case requires intensive and specialized work on the part of an experienced law firm. Della Costa & Neville has handled and consulted on numerous trucking cases, obtaining favorable results for seriously injured clients.

One of our attorneys, John Della Costa, is a survivor of a serious accident and this experience provided him with personal knowledge of the emotional and economic consequences resulting from sustaining career-ending injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, it is most important to find the right personal injury firm that understands safety regulations as soon as possible.

Della Costa & Neville, P.A., have a thorough understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as published in the Code of Federal Regulations by the United States Department of Transportation. Be sure and review our results page.

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