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CAR ACCIDENT? We Win Your Case Or It's FREE! Se habla español

IN A CAR ACCIDENT? We Win Your Case Or It's FREE! Se habla español

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT? We Win Your Case Or It's FREE! Se habla español

TRUCK ACCIDENT? We Win Your Case Or It's FREE! Se habla español

WRONGFUL DEATH? We Win Your Case Or It's FREE! Se habla español

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle
accident, we can help.

Automobile Accidents

Were you involved in a car accident?
Act now and protect your rights!

Trucking Accidents

Our firm understands
complicated safety regulations.

Wrongful Death

We have obtained exceptional
results in wrongful death cases.

Three ways to contact us:

When you call Della Costa & Neville , you will always be
speaking with an attorney directly.

Pinellas Park Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers

At the law firm of Della Costa & Neville, we promise to provide dedicated, personal attention, with the knowledge and guidance your case deserves.

proud sponsor of bay news 9John Della Costa and David Neville previously worked for larger Personal Injury law firms and tired of the “mill” mentality. You have seen the “mill” mentality before. You see it every time you turn on the TV. Lawyers who you will almost never meet telling you that they are “for the people” or tell you that they have aggressive attorneys. Too bad that you will probably never have access to those attorneys. Della Costa & Neville was formed with a renewed focus on individualized attention. Our Philosophy is to accept fewer clients and ensure that each case is properly resourced, both from a legal knowledge and a monetary viewpoint. Della Costa & Neville, P.A. combines the accessibility and attentiveness of a small firm with the skills, experience and resources commonly associated with a large law firm. The firm is committed to providing high quality, aggressive representation in your case. Della Costa & Neville, P.A. was founded in 2006 by John M. Della Costa, Jr. and David A. Neville. We only take Personal Injury claims and Wrongful Death cases on a contingent fee basis. There are no costs or fees unless we successfully recover for you.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For My Car Accident Case?

By hiring an attorney, they will give you all the benefits available, compared to the bare-minimum offered by insurance companies.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Proven Record of Success

Della Costa & Neville have recovered
Millions of dollars
for accident victims



With over 20 years of experience
be assured we can handle
all business litigation matters


Business Litigation & Employment Law

It is a fact that by hiring an attorney
your success rate dramatically increases


Disability Claims

Meet the Team at Della Costa & Neville

John M. Della Costa Jr.

Personal Injury Lawyer

David A. Neville, Esq.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Jorge H. Angulo, Esq.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Today’s Large Law Firms Have Created A “Mill Mentality”

If you’ve been injured, there are plenty of law firms out there eager to handle
your case and it’s not always easy to tell the difference to them. That is why
John Della Costa decided to write “Don’t Get Caught In The Mill!” It is an
inside look at the way different law firms operate and is designed to provide
consumers with the information they need to select the right attorney for
their case.

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Slip and Fall accidents are common but treated very differently than vehicle accidents. Report your fall immediately to the negligent party. Insist that you receive a person’s name and contact information so that you may follow-up with them at a future date. Cases that are brought to our attention immediately...
Motorcycle accident in which our client was hit by a careless driver. Our client suffered leg fractures, serious road rash and an eye injury requiring several months of rehabilitation. Settlement Net after attorney’s fees and costs $647,517.61. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that...
Yes. If your insurance company does not pay your medical bills or lost wages properly, you can sue them. If they refuse or pay an amount less than what is provided for by your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, benefits required to be paid by law, they can be liable.Insurance...